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Travel Insurance

Why Buy Travel Insurance?

Your Medical Insurance May Not Travel With You
When you leave Canada, whether it be for a couple of hours or an extended period of time, you are leaving behind up to 90% of your Government Health Insurance Plan (GHIP) coverage. With only a small percentage of possible travel medical costs still covered, traveling without travel insurance could end up being an extensive, unexpected expense. Also, usually only a part of your medical expenses are covered by your GHIP when you leave your home province and travel to another province within Canada.


Accidents Happen – Buy Travel Insurance
Being on a relaxing vacation does not mean that accidents can’t happen. Medical costs, in the United States and worldwide, are very expensive. Average hospital costs in the U.S. for an emergency visit or an extended stay can range anywhere from $1,000 to $50,000. With only a small amount of the bill covered by your GHIP, the leftover costs could be tremendous.


Cover Yourself Against the Unexpected
Having travel insurance can cover unexpected costs that result from situations like lost baggage and cancelled or delayed trips.

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