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Our Team

Deborah Schroeder


Deborah has been with South East Travel since 2002. She specializes in South American travel and is fluent in English, Low German, and High German. Her passion for travel started during high school when she went on a school trip to Brazil.

Deborah has traveled to several destinations in South America, the Caribbean, Panama, a cruise of Greece and Turkey, and most recently a 7-night Disney Cruise in January 2015. She’s also travelled to several destinations in Canada and the U.S. In her spare time she enjoys spending time with her family camping, gardening, and exploring the outdoors.

As every destination is unique and special, there are so many different destinations to travel to – you simply need to decide where you would like to go.

Feel free to contact Deborah at any time with any questions you may have.


Claire Banman

Claire has been in the Travel Industry since 2010. She specializes in Destination Weddings & Groups as well as Leisure Travel. Claire loves creating custom trips designed just for you, as well as cruise, land tours, all inclusive vacations and everything in between. Claire is passionate about helping each client to have the best possible experience.


Claire has travelled to many different destinations including, Mexico, Bahamas, Jamaica, Dominican Republic, Costa Rica, China, Italy, Egypt, Jordan, Thailand and throughout Canada and the USA including Disneyland. Claire has sailed on both Ocean and River cruises including Alaska and the Rhine River.  Currently she is planning to lead a group in Peru and will be setting sail on an expedition cruise to the Arctic. Claire grew up in Steinbach, MB. and has lived in Chilliwack, BC. since 2016. Claire continues to work with her clients from both provinces and is so grateful to stay connected to each and every one.

Feel free to connect with Claire at any time, she is happy to help you.


Troy Knight

As a seasoned travel professional with over a decade of international travel experience and three years in the industry, I am confident in my ability to assist you in planning and booking your next travel adventure. With 30 countries visited and numerous satisfied clients, I bring a wealth of knowledge and resources to the table to help you find the ideal vacation package that meets your needs and budget.

My mission is to simplify the research and planning process for your trip, while providing exceptional value. I am committed to staying on top of the latest offers and deals to ensure that my clients receive the best possible travel experience.

If you are interested in luxury travel, adventure travel, all-inclusive resorts, tours, cruises, river cruises, or hotels, I am here to help. Please feel free to share the page with your friends and family.

I look forward to the opportunity to assist you with all of your travel needs.


Link to all my social media accounts, affiliate links & upcoming trips that I am leading.

Contact me for any of your travel needs and questions.


Alexa Bezditny

Alexa is a solo female traveller with a photography degree. She specializes in all inclusive vacation packages into the Caribbean and customized leisure travel.  Alexa has been in the industry since spring 2022, with solo travel experience since 2018.


​Alexa has traveled to several destinations in the Caribbean, Costa Rica, Peru, Kenya, Australia, Mongolia, Southeast Asia, Fiji, Europe, Honduras, South Africa, Swaziland, and Hawaii. She also enjoys road trips through the USA and Canada during the Manitoba summers.

She is a certified Padi Suba Diver with experiences in sky diving, bungee jumping, Tiger and Bull shark diving, and parasailing. She has also hiked Machu Pichu in Peru, dove the Great Barrier reef in Australia, camped the Gobi Desert in Mongolia, and stayed amongst the African Big 5 on the Maasi Mara.


Feel free to contact Alexa with any questions you may have. She is excited to hear about all your travel dreams!


Pernille Dolleris

Pernille Dolleris has been in the travel business for over 25 years and loves the joys it brings to her clients. Pernille started working for the South East Travel BC branch since its inauguration, and here she has found her happy place.


Pernille’s family is from Copenhagen, Sweden and Norway, she is a great fan of Europe and has been there many times travelling around. She is looking forward to going back many more times as there is so much to see and do in Europe. Pernille has also spent time travelling to Mexico, Cuba, and Alaska with her family, she loves the relaxing feel of Mexico and the beauty of the Country as they cruised to Alaska.


Pernille looks forward to helping you book your next holiday whether it be a sunny Mexican all inclusive or a European adventure,  she will walk you through it.


Lea Selby

🌍 Your Personal Travel Curator ✈️🌴Lea is born and raised in Chilliwack B.C. and has also lived in place like Playa Del Carmen, Mexico and various places across Canada. 

As a travel consultant, Lea has roamed the globe from the historic streets of England to the sun-kissed shores of Puerto Vallarta, Cancun, Playa del Carmen, Huatulco and Tulum. 

She has explored the vibrant culture of California and Texas, and experienced the glitz of Vegas. 

Lea specializes in crafting bespoke journeys tailored to your dreams. From exotic getaways to adventurous escapades, relaxing all inclusive vacations, and interesting tours, she wants to turn your wanderlust into unforgettable experiences. Explore the world with confidence, guided by expertise and personalized attention. 


 Let yourself wanderlust into unforgettable experiences inspired by my travels! Where will your next adventure take you? Let's design it together!


Let me be you travel BFF and contact me anytime at:

Karina Thiessen

Bio coming soon...

Lisa Funk

Bio coming soon...

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